Become a partner

Being a partner of Dutch Bushcraft Knives means we have not only approved your product or service but we are fans of it! By being fans we mean that we like the product/service enough to mention it, use it, wear it and share it with other people. It’s something we as DBK can completely stand behind.
With tens of thousand to million views per video we can reach a lot of people who have interest in quality outdoor products. If you can meet our conditions than you can be our partner!
I hear you asking, what are these conditions my young knife heroes? Let me summarize  it below:

  1. Our first and most important rule! We need 100% freedom of speech about the product. If we end up not liking something we have to be able to say that as well. Honesty to our viewers is a key rule.
  2. Your products are fair. Your products are made in a fair work environment. Your company preferably works on sustainability for our environment and on leaving a small ecological footprint.
  3. Your products are awesome! If we are going to support your product it needs to be good, sturdy and innovative.

Financial Sponsorship

Perhaps you are looking to spread the word of your company? We can help you if you can help us. Financial support helps us to keep up our content, keep innovating and expanding our reach. In return we can spread the word about your company to a wide public who is already interested in the outdoors, gear and what not. However… honesty is worth more than money so here are a few rules.

  1. We agree and stand behind who you are or what your company does. You can make us enthusiastic as well!
  2. We don’t assume that you deliver quality. We need to know you do.
  3. You’ll only leave a small footprint on our videos and don’t keep us from our main topic. Our videos are no commercials.
  4. We evaluate every month! No long term contracts. If our subscribers don’t like it we need to be able to quit.