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Wanger Observer Knife

We often get questions about which afforable knives are actually good. Most people call a price class; Under €100,-, Under  €50, between €50,- and €100,- and so on goes the list. IT’s SO TIRESOME!!! no, that’s just a joke. You know we love you. From watching our channel you probably already know we often recommend the Mora Garberg, Patriot Manly or Terava Knives. However, today we have a new knife to add to that list. The Wanger Observer Knife in 440C @ 58-59 HRC.

We once did a give-away of this knife on our channel (Video Below)  because we felt it was a very good knife to introduce people to the knife world. The Knife itself comes with a Kydex sheath but nowadays MesserundCo also sells a separate leather sheath for those who prefer leather!
The knife itself uses  5mm thick 440C steel (more on that below), is full tang and uses G10 scales. Overall this knife is capable of almost anything you can throw at it. It’s made to be used!
The design is simple but slick . The blade is full flat with a secondary V edge (which I would personally grind to a secondary Convex) and offers a sharpening choil for easier sharpening.
It also offers a comfortable and royal finger guard which makes the knife safer in use.
The only downside to the slick design is that the spine is rounded off making it impossible to scrape a fire steel with it so make sure you take a fire steel that comes with a scraper!

440C steel

The knife uses 440C steel which is a very decent steel for this price range (440C is for knives under  €100,-). With proper heat treatment it definitely matches the 14c28N of the Mora Garberg. So 440C holds a decent edge but it’s also quite easy to sharpen! The best thing though is that it’s stainless. This doesn’t mean it can’t rust but you won’t need to worry about leaving it wet for a while.

G10 Handle

G10 is basically high-pressure fiberglass laminate. This is not a natural product meaning it doesn’t need care. G10 is one of the most sturdy handle materials you can get.
The scales of these knife offer a very nice geometry for a hammer grip or forward grip .

Overall this knife is very well priced for what it delivers (€67,90) and I can definitely recommend checking it out: http://bit.ly/WangerObserver


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