DBK Knife collection 2019 – The complete List –

DBK Knife Collection 2019   The Complete List!

By now you sexy folks have probably seen our knife collection 2019 video! In this page I’ll try to list all the knives of our collection! To keep it workable for me these are not in the same line-up as in our videos.  Of some knives we have more than 1 (visible in the pictures and video), these wont be listed double. Also I we aren’t able to rank them like we did last year. it’s become simply too much to make it workable.

Fixed Blades

Autine Leuku – D2
Bark River Aurora – CPM-3V
Bark River Aurora – Cru-Wear
Bark River Aurora (dif. handles) – CPM-3V
Bark River Aurora 2 – CPM-3V
Bark River Bravo 1 (Rampless) – CPM-3V
Bark River Bravo EDC – M4
Bark River Bushcrafter – CPM-3V
Bark River Bushcrafter Ultra Lite – CPM-3V
Bark River Canadian Special – CPM-3V
Bark River Gunny – 19C27
Bark River Gunny – A2
Bark River Gunny – Elmax
Bark River Gunny Scandi – CPM-3V
Bark River Kalahari (mod.) – A2
Bark River Mini Aurora – CPM-3V
Bark River Mini Tundra – CPM-3V
Bearded BladeWorks Hollander – CPM-3V
Benchmade 200 Puukko – CPM-3V
Benchmade Bushcrafter – CPM S30V
CAD Donati Carver – 52100
Cad Donati Sami – 52100
Casstrom lars Falt – K720
Cold Steel Master Hunter – CPM-3V
Cold Steel SRK – SK5
CranesBill Blades Custom – CPM-3V
Dulo – Nitrobe77
Dulo DBK – K390
Dulo DBK – V4E
Dulo Fox River – Elmax
Dulo Gunny Hunter – RWL-34
Dulo Puukko – Vanadis 8
Dulo Viking – Viking (Aus8Mod)
EnZo Trapper – CPM S30Vn
EnZo Trapper – Elmax
EnZo Trapper – N690Co
EnZo Trapper – O1
Esee 5 – 1095
Extrema Ratio RAOII – N690
Fallkiven A1 Pro – CoS
Fallkniven A1 – VG-10
Fallkniven A1 – VG-10
fallkniven A1X – CoS
Fallkniven Embla – CoS
Fallkniven F0.8 (mod.)- Vg-10
Fallkniven F1 – CoS
Fallkniven F1 – VG-10
Fallkniven F1 Limited edition – 3G
Fallkniven F1 Pro – CoS
Fallkniven F1 Pro (custom) – CoS
Fallkniven F1Dz – CoS
Fallkniven F1Dz (Custom) – CoS
Fallkniven Idun NL5 – VG-10
Fallkniven S1 Pro – CoS
Fallkniven SK5 Jarl – 3G
Hultaforce KnivesAndTools Edition – C100
Hultafors Craftsman – Carbon
Hultafors OK4 – Carbon
Jaktkit KNV2 – 99Cr18MoV
Jelio Puukko – N690Co
Jelio Puukko – V4E
Jellio puukko – 80CrV2
Ka-Bar BK2 – 1095
Ka-bar USMC – 1095
kizlyar Supreme mini sturm – unknown steel
kizlyar Supreme Sturm – PGK
LionSteel M4 – M390
Lionsteel M5 – Sleipner
Malanika Bushcrafter – Cru-Wear
Malanika Puukko – 80CrV2
Malanika Puukko – CPM 10V
Malanika Puukko – CPM-4V
Malanika Puukko – M4
Max knives – N690co
Millersblade Custom – Elmax
Millersblade Custom – V4E
Monterosaknives Honey Badger – CPM-3V
MoraKniv Allround 748-G – 12c27
MoraKniv Basic 511 – C100
MoraKniv Bushcraft Black – C100
MoraKniv Bushcraft Force – 12c27
MoraKniv Classic #1 – C100
MoraKniv Classic #3 – C100
MoraKniv Classic #Miniature – C100
MoraKniv companion – 12C27
MoraKniv Companion – C100
MoraKniv Companion HD – C100
MoraKniv Companion Spark – 12c27
MoraKniv Eldris – 12c27
MoraKniv Frost #106
MoraKniv Garberg – 14C28n
MoraKniv Garberg – Carbon
MoraKniv Kansbol – 12c27
MoraKniv Original Classic 125th Anniversary edition – 14C28n
MoraKniv pathfinder
MoraKniv Pro C – C100
MoraKniv Robust – C100
MoraKniv Safe – 12C27
MoraKniv Basic 546 – 12c27
MT Knifes Puukko – unknown
Northwoods Mackinaw – Elmax
Ontario – MK3
Patriot Manly – CPM154
Patriot Manly – D2
Ragnarok Forge Yakut – K720
Realsteel Bushcraft Plus Convex – 14c28N
Satansdog Custom Carving knife
Shannon Steel Labs Custom – Z-wear
Shannon Steel Labs Custom – Z-wear
Staffordshire custom blades – L3
Staffordshire custom blades – N690
Steel Will Gecko 1530 – N690Co
Storm3Dknives Custom – O1
Survival Lilly APO 1 – Aus-8
Terävä Jääkäripuukko – 80CrV2
Terävä Jääkäripuukko mini – 80CrV2
Terävä Skrama mini – 80CrV2
Tops B.O.B. – 154CM
Toyokuni Mountain Stream – Blue Paper
TRC Apocalypse – Elmax
TRC Apocalypse DBK Convex Edition- Elmax
TRC Classic Freedom – Elmax
Victorinox Mastermic – Stainless
Wanger Drugar – CPM-154
Wanger Observer – 440C
Wanger Pronto – Niolox
WildSteer Baby Wild – 14C28n


Folding Knives

Bastion Braza EDC – D2
Benchmade Freek – M4
Boker Magnum – 440A
Casstrom Lars Falt Folder – N690co
Coldsteel AD10 – CPM S35VN
ColdSteel Code 4 – CPM S35VN
Coldsteel SR1 – CPM S35VN
CRKT Fossil – VG-10
Eden Quality Unknown model – Stainless
Eden Quality Unknown Model – Stainless
Eden Quality Unknown Model – Stainless
Fallkniven LTC – 3G (7 collors)
Fosco Unknow model – 440A
Fox Meskwaki Tracker – N690
Gerber Gator – 440C
Granpa’s pruning knife – Carbon
Higonokami – Blue Paper
Higonokami – Blue paper steel
Higonokami – SK5
Kershaw 1870OLBLK – 14c28n
Leatherman Repkica 2 – stainless
Leatherman Replica – Stainless
Opinel Custom Droppoint
Opinel Custom Walnut
Opinel No. 6
Opinel No. 8
Opinel No.13
Secret Prototype – Unknown steel
Spyderco Manix 2 – Maxamet
Unknown chop/multitool – Stainless
Unknown folder – stainless
Victorinox (mikkie’s first) – Stainless
Victorinox Huntsman – Stainless
Victorinox Pioneer – Stainless
Victorinox replica – Carbon
Victorinox Swisschamp – Stainless
Victorinox Swisschamp XAVT – Stainless



CAD Donati Punisher – C70
CAD Donati Punisher – K720
CAD Donati Sami – 52100
Cold Steel Kukri – 1055
ColdSteel Katana Machete – 1055
ColdSteel Smatchet – 1055
ColdSteel Spetsnaz Shovel
Esee libertariat – 1075
Linder Convex – unknown
Ontario Machete – Unknown
Silky Nata – SK5
Terävä Skrama – 80CrV2


Unused Knives

These knives vary between being shitty or just not being used because we treasure them as gifts + some prototypes

a letter opener knife? – Unknown
Boyvdlaarforging custom – unknown
Custom file knife – Carbon
Gifted Knife – 1095
Herbetz belt knife – 420 HC
Indian style Knife – Stainless
Ka-bar Replica – 440A
Knarly knives custom Mora
Linder Convex Machete – Stainless
Liquidiamond Prototype knife – Liquidiamond
Mora Forst Spoonknife – C100
My stepfather’s knife – 440
Nazi SS dagger Replica – Stainless (gifted by a ww2 knife collector)
Old Mora – Carbon
Ontario Machete – Carbon
Roselli UHC – UHC
Secret Prototype – D2
Secret Prototype – K390
Unknow Bayonet – Carbon (gifted by a ww2 knife collector)
Unknow Karesuando – 12c27
Unknow Karesuando  – 12c27
Unknown fishing knife – Carbon
WKC WW2 German Army Dagger (Solingen) – Unknown (gifted by a ww2 knife collector)


Kitchen Knives

Mora Utility Classic – 14C28n
Sakai Takayuki Santoku – VG-10
Miki Deba – VG-10
Murata Aokami Ko-bocho – Blue Paper Steel
Unknow Santoku – VG-10



Autine GooseWing Axe – Carbon Steel
Gransfors Small Forest Axe – Carbon
Hultafors Felling Axe – Carbon Steel
Karesuando Unna Aksu – Stainless
Karesuando Vuogas Aksu – Stainless



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5 thoughts on “DBK Knife collection 2019 – The complete List –

  1. Hi!
    Massive knife collection! I think it’s really the biggest one on YouTube and everywhere else. I’ve
    recently found an interesting knife: Ruike Jager F118 have you ever heard of it? Its 14C28N / G10 full
    tang. It’s quite cheap and materials seems to be nice. Due You are the Knife Masters of The
    Internet, I wonder what’s your opinion about it.
    Best Regards


  2. Hi!
    Massive knife collection! I think it’s
    really the biggest one on YouTube and
    everywhere else. I’ve recently found an
    interesting knife: Ruike Jager F118 have
    you ever heard of it? Its 14C28N / G10
    full tang. It’s quite cheap and materials
    seems to be nice. Due You are the
    Knife Masters of The Internet, I wonder
    what’s your opinion about it.
    Best Regards


    1. hey Gregory,

      Thanks a lot for your kind words!
      Ruike is the knife brand from Fenix (flashlights). They’re a chinese company but I know they make good quality for a fair price.
      I’ve had one of their folders and it was great. The Jager should definitely be a good bang for the buck. Of course I cant promise as I havent tested it myself but knowing Fenix i’m sure their heat treatment at least isnt bad.

  3. Maarten! I’ve recently grown curious about Helle Knives (as I
    received a Torodd as a gift from my girlfriend recently) and I
    noticed you don’t have any Helles in your collection, despite
    having made a video on one in the past. What happened there?

    Cheers, long live the DBK Boyz

    1. Hey Miguel,

      I traded my Helle for a different knife. In the end I didnt really trust the rat tang construction. It never had any problems but I just didnt feel confident about it. Back then I didnt the crazy amount of knives I currently have so trading it seemed like a good idea back then.
      Sadly I can’t give it my final judgement now 🙁

      Stay sharp!

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