The Dulo DBK Knife!

Ever wanted a knife designed by DBK in some sick steel? Here’s your chance!

Svetlozar from DuloKnives has added the DBK model that we designed to his list.  Duloknives is a custom knife maker who uses incredible steels like Vanadis 4 extra, K390, M390, elmax etc. With different types of wood to choose from the possibilities are endless. Best of all is that he offers these custom knives for amazing prices.
Below you can see some examples. Melissa Backwoods her DBK Knife is customized with a brass bolster.

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8 thoughts on “The Dulo DBK Knife!

  1. That knife is bloody beautiful. If I win
    this month I’d like the box signed by
    you two knife heroes and it will be the
    centerpiece of my collection!

  2. Ordered mine last week, hope it’s as
    good as I’ve seen here !! Thanks for the
    referral boys, love the fun reviews.

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