May Patreon Give-Away Announcement!

Heroes of DBK! Yes, those are you! Our Patrons!

Today we officially announce the May Give-Away and it will be a special one. The first Give-Away with 3 winners! so 3 times more chance to win something!
MoraKniv has recently released the twin brother of the Garberg! The Garberg Black in Carbon steel. We’ll also have a video on it on our channel the 10th of May! But the big question is what can you win? Here we go:

1th place: Mora Garberg black (Carbon) + Mora Garberg (Stainless)

2th place: Mora Garberg Black (Carbon)

3th  place: Mora Bushcraft Black (Carbon)

The Monthly Give-Away is for all our Patreon Supporters who Support us with $10,- or more
Click HERE to Participate

Nunquam non paratus – DBK

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