We went to Fällkniven!

ladies and Gentleman!

We visited Fällkniven in their hometown in Norrbotten Sweden and had the honor to whitness the Swedish winter and the climate that Fällkniven knives thrive in.
Erik Hjortberger, son of Peter Hjortberger, founder of Fällkniven AB took on the fatherly role in guiding two Dutch fools trough the Swedish wilderness.
I’d like to keep it short in this blog/news section so I’ll make it short.
The Fällkniven A1 and F1 were our first quality knives. One could say these knives are actually why we started Dutch Bushcraft Knives. They awoke our passion for quality knives so it was a great honor to be able to see who the brains are behind these knives.

What we thought would be a business trip talking about knives and why Fällkniven knives are what they are we found amazingly friendly and welcoming people who wanted to share the experience of the far northern winters with us. I can honestly say we had the greatest time of our lives. Together we saw the northern lights, made fire in the snow, ate around the same table and drove snowmobiles.  We also had the delight to taste some great Swedish foods like reindeer, moose and many different berries (Thanks a lot Klas!). Around the fire we talked about knives, steels but mostly about how cool snowmobiles are haha. One thing I’d love to note is that I spoke to Peter about his knives when we were enjoying the warmth of the fire. The thing I found really cool is that he pressed to our hearts that we should always be completely honest on our channel and that if there would be criticism about Fällkniven knives we should feel open to freely tell it on our channel. He told me that they appreciate the criticism just as they enjoy compliments and that it is very important to have your own opinion.

While out in the woods on our snowmobiles we did see why Fällkniven knives are so good in cold climates. The handles don’t feel cold even with -10c (we didn’t get any colder weather) and are very grippy in wet or snowy conditions. Maybe most important is that they are still grippy while wearing gloves. With the zytel sheaths, thermorun handles and stainless steels it feels so great to be able to drop your knife in the snow while cooking food and not worry about it. Snow in the sheath is no problem at all as the knife won’t rust from it and the sheath will have nothing from it.

All in all we had the trip of our lives and we like to thank Erik, Thomas, Klas, Peter and the whole Fällkniven crew for their incredible hospitality. I can definitely say we have made some new friends! Thank you so much for your trust, kindness and sharing the beauties of Sweden with us!

Below I’ll post some pictures!

Aurora Boralis! We didn’t expect to see this!
Erik loved making me dig the snow….
Thomas listening to one of my bad jokes..
When you step off the snow mobile…
The DBK Crew ready for action!
Listening to stories of the far North with Peter
Cooking in the middle of wonderland
what a place <3
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9 thoughts on “We went to Fällkniven!

  1. thanks for the summery of this awesome trip….waiting for the video…. cheers to
    dbk from germany

  2. I am happy to see you guys had such a great trip, especially the
    northern lights– they are something we take for granted here in

  3. Sweden, check, the rest of Scandinavia should be on the list and Finland too!
    Amazing pictures guys. What a trip it must have been!

    1. Definitely! I have visisted Norway quite a few times and I’ve been in Sweden in summer before but winter in Finland is also still on the list!

  4. This whole trip of yours just made my day! You two looked like
    you had a great time in Sweden, and the hospitality of Fallkniven
    to do all that for you is amazing, I wish we had that kind of
    hospitality in the U.S.A lol.

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