Fällkniven Modern Bowie
Posted on : 12-29-2017 By : Maarten van der Sluijs
Fällkniven is a company located in the far north in the province Norrbotten of Sweden. With over 30 years of knife making experience they have become the leading company specialized in cold weather survival knives. They became  very popular with their near care free 'Swedish Pilot Survival Knife' The F1 in 3G steel. The F1 and the larger models S1 and A1 sold like hot cakes. Following in their succes is the Pro series which sets the performance mark even higher. The Fallkniven Modern Bowie is their newest knife in…
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Casstrom Lars fält knife
Posted on : 10-02-2017 By : Maarten van der Sluijs
Lars Fält is a renowned bushcraft expert. With 35 years experience of being a Swedish Army Ranger survival instructor he knows his stuff.  Now... anno 2017 he designed his own knife. Together with Casstrom (A Swedish knife manufacturer) they made it a reality. The Casstrom Lars fält knife. And you guess which 2 blokes got their hands on it ASAP?... you guessed it. The DBK Boys indeed. The Knife Before we're going into the details let's take a look at the Specs of the Lars fält knife. Total length 23 cm Blade…
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